Quick ‘n Easy Tropimix and Veggies

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In a Hurry… Don’t Skip on Your Bird’s Enrichment Diet!

Here’s a quick tried and true recipe for the caretaker on the go!



Pour the hot water over the Tropimix. Wait 2 minutes, and then add the frozen mixed vegetables. Stir so the frozen mixed vegetables cool the mixture, the hot water will thaw the frozen vegetables. Always check the mixture for hot spots before offering to your bird.

Remember: Soft foods offered to your birds should be removed before spoiling can and need to be consumed in short time! Approximately one hour in cooler temperatures and thirty minutes in warm temperatures. Ceramic or stainless dishes are preferred for soft foods.

Don’t forget, softened enrichment food as mentioned above make the perfect  “vehicle” in administering Prime Vitamins or Clay-Cal!

Daily Diet Plan for Parrots and Passerines

Follow our easy-to-use daily diet plan to ensure that your feathered friend receives the necessary nutrients every day.