Simple and Nutritious Rice and Tropimix

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Can parrots eat rice? Quite simply yes, when it’s cooked up just right!

Here’s a delicious recipe served as is or with fruit and vegetables on the side. (we like spinach, cucumber, apple, pear, banana, grape and pumpkin).


  • 1 to 2 cups Tropimix (Small Parrot or Large Parrot)
  • Equal portion of rice, preferably whole brown or wild rice


Prepare rice according to package directions, but before the water is completely absorbed by the rice, add Tropimix. Stir well and cover to allow the Tropimix ingredients to absorb the water and soften. Once cooled, serve to your bird.

Plan ahead: Once the Tropimix rice mixture is cooled, scoop individual servings into an ice-cube tray, cover with plastic wrap and freeze. Individual portions can be thawed and served to bird as needed.

Variations for small birds such as parrotlets, cockatiels and parakeets: Substitute couscous for rice and use Tropimix Egg Food.
Follow the above directions.

Remember: Soft foods offered to your birds need to be consumed within a short time and should be removed before spoiling can occur! Approximately 1 hour in cooler temperatures and 30 minutes in warm temperatures. Ceramic or stainless dishes are preferred for soft foods.

Don’t forget, softened enrichment food as mentioned above make the perfect  “vehicle” in administering Prime Vitamins or Clay-Cal!

Enrich your companion bird’s quality of life

By including Tropimix into your pet bird’s daily diet, you can ensure balanced nutrition while also promoting foraging behavior and mental stimulation.