Update HARI Nest Box #2088

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The Hyacinth Macaw – Arara Azul Project

Last month HARI was proud to announce the sponsorship of nest box #2088 from the Arara Azul project at the Caiman Ecological Refuge, in Pantanal.

We have received updated information and are thrilled to announce that our nest now has two super healthy Hyacinth Macaws who at 88 and 89 days old were ringed, measured and chipped. Blood samples were collected, and we will soon find out if they are male or female! In December at 93 and 94 days old, they were very close to flight!

We have been asked to name these two siblings and we will update you soon with their names!

Parrot Conservation Initiatives

We take pride in setting the standard for parrot care in captivity and supporting conservation projects in the wild. That’s why we work closely with top conservation programs to help protect parrot species and their natural habitats for for generations to come.