Companion Parrot Weight Chart

Companion Parrot Weight Chart

Keeping track of your bird’s weight on a weekly basis and maintaining a record is crucial to spotting early signs of illness. Birds tend to lose weight when they are sick, which makes it even more important to know their healthy weight and check it frequently.

Parrot Weight Management Program

A responsible avian caretaker’s health management program should include weekly weight monitoring. Keeping records of your companion’s weight might highlight a health concern or suggest a diet reevaluation. Furthermore, a weight management program can guide you to be proactive with your bird’s exercise program. Should your bird suffer from any illness, this data keeping will help your veterinarian to quickly evaluate the condition of your bird.

We recommend weekly weighing of every bird. Be sure to weigh the bird at the same time of the day, preferably first thing in the morning before breakfast. Weights can vary considerably during the day. Weights of an adult bird should not vary more than 2-3%

Depending on the education, training and desensitization your parrot has received, it may willingly step up onto a scale perch or anti-slip surface platform on a scale. Use this opportunity to reinforce the step up and down command, with vocal praise.

If your bird will not stay perched long enough to get an accurate weight, it might be easier to place the bird in its transport carrier. Should you be desensitizing your parrot to towel cradling, this is once again a great opportunity to perform weight monitoring, by placing your snuggly wrapped bird on a scale. Should you not be confident in weighing your parrot, ask your avian veterinarian or technician for guidance so that you can actively participate in the regular monitoring from home, in addition to the regular veterinarian visits.

Make weighing your bird easy and fun by placing a familiar perching toy on the scale and having them step-up on to the perch! Much easier and less stressful for everyone!

Looking for More Advice

We have compiled a list tips and strategies for a successful weighing routine as well as some instructional videos regarding the why’s and safety points to consider.