My Parrot’s Behaviour Body and Mind Chart

Identify Unwanted or Unusual Bird Behaviour

There is no such thing as a bad bird. But like people, some birds need help and
guidance in order to correct their behaviour. But how do you know what is causing the problem?

Has your avian companion started to have undesirable or unusual behaviours?

The HARI Body and Mind Chart is a preliminary assessment of the potential causes of behavioural changes. Before you rush to an avian behavioural consultant, be smart and proactive. Examine the other members of the flock carefully while answering the questionnaire, and then bring it with you when you consult a professional. You will probably save valuable time, energy and money remedying your companion’s behavioural condition. A medical exam performed by your avian veterinarian should most definitely be considered to ensure there aren’t any underlying health concerns. Take this questionnaire along with you to aid in the exploratory review and diagnostics that will be made.

Your bird is acting strangely… so why are we asking about his health?

You might be puzzled by certain questions in the form; after all, your bird’s problem is behavioural and we are asking you questions relating to health and essential care. The reason is quite simple, the body and the mind are intertwined so tightly that one doesn’t go without the other. Just think of how you can act differently when you are not eating or sleeping properly for a while, sometimes what you need is not a psychologist’s help but a nutritionist’s help or simply a new mattress!

You know your bird best!

We’ve tried to cover all angles, but remember that nobody knows your companion as much as you do, feel free to add any other questions and comments you think are important and pertinent. It might be a good idea to consult with a behaviorist but take the time to reflect upon the situation and try to analyze it yourself first.

Sometimes, just putting things on paper helps us understand things that seemed incomprehensible before. You may find the answer to your problem relatively easily!

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