Primary Lessons Progress Chart

Track Your Bird’s Progress with the Primary Lessons Progress Chart

Whether you are a bird breeder, pet retailer, or new pet owner, the Primary Lessons Progress Chart is an excellent way to document the advancements and achievements of your feathered friend.

Early Parrot Education

Preparations for the young parrot’s life as a companion bird begin in a small window of opportunity – during the fledgling’s fastest growth and mental developmental stages and are taught at critical cognitive and physical development stages. Early parrot Education encourages the fledglings’ caretakers to implement the training with structure and to record the acquired skills in the primary lessons report card, which becomes part of the fledgling’s permanent records. Fledglings advance through their lessons after achievement in prior lessons.

Examples of Primary Education Lessons for Parrot Chicks

  • Preparations for travelling in a pet transporter
  • Desensitization to interventions such as being groomed or examined by an avian health practitioner without stress
  • Weaning onto an optimal diet
  • Achievement of beneficial exercise and independent play with various levels of foraging and flight harness training.

The success of the EPE program relies on structure, organization, being opportunistic, record keeping, communication, multitasking various primary lessons in combination in order to be more efficient.

Each lesson, once mastered, becomes a building block toward a more advanced lesson as the fledgling matures. While many of the stages are implemented at the breeder facility, retailers and even pet owners will find that by maintaining the program with the later stages, the outcome will result in an educated pet bird.

The Primary Lessons Progress chart documents the methodically introduced lessons that apply to all pet parrot species. Examples of lessons found in these charts prepare the fledgling parrot for life as a companion.

We encourage all EPE educated fledglings depart from their primary caretakers with the Primary Lessons progress chart. It’s essential to guide future caretakers to provide optimal care and recognize the educational foundation provided as a maturing fledgling. As this document becomes part of the parrot’s permanent records, caretakers can maintain the education that benefits the bird’s lifestyle as a companion pet.

Enhance Companion Birds Life Skills

The EPE & Weaning program focuses on a young parrot’s crucial physical and mental development stages, with lessons that develop nurturing, socialization, desensitization, and play skills. Each lesson builds a foundation for more advanced material as the fledgling progresses.