Parrot Rescue Center of Costa Rica

Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release

The Parrot Rescue Center of Costa Rica is a 501(c)3, non profit rescue center that collaborates with the local Costa Rican Ministry of the Environment and Energy (MINAE). Primary focus is to rescue, rehabilitate, and, whenever possible, release parrots that have been kept in captivity illegally. For those that are unable to be released, they provide a permanent, safe environment that fulfills their physical, mental and social needs.

Most of the PRC releases are of pet parrots, all of whom were kept in captivity illegally. These parrots transition to the wild with a “soft release” – which means they are released at the facility where they have resided for months, and are provided with an outdoor feeder.

The PRC has already rescued and rehabilitated more than 70 parrots.

  HUGE thank you to Hagen for donating 60lbs of Tropican parrot sticks!!! As always, the birds absolutely love them. Posted by Parrot Rescue Center Of Costa Rica on Wednesday, November 28, 2018
  Lunchy time. Café (middle) seems to be enjoying clay cal that was sprinkled on the fruit. Thanks Mark Hagen for donating it♡ Clay cal is a calcium mineral supplement that hens need during the breeding season. It takes a lot of the body’s calcium to form an egg, so that is why it’s good to have some clay cal during this time of the year. Everyone wish Café and Ramón some luck👍 Posted by Parrot Rescue Center Of Costa Rica on Friday, February 17, 2017