Parrots International

Conservation of Endangered Parrot Species

Parrots International was founded in 2005 as a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of endangered parrot species and improving the welfare of both companion parrots and parrots in the wild. They are committed to remaining non-partisan, above “eco-politics” and working cooperatively with other conservation organizations for the maximum benefit of the birds. Parrots International develops, funds, and supports an array of conservation projects. Parrots International strives to form strategic cooperative partnerships with organizations and field projects. The majority of Parrots International supported projects are in Central and South American and the Caribbean. Examples include the Spix’s Macaw; the Lear’s Macaw Project; The Puerto Rican Parrot; The Hyacinth Macaw; The Great-green Macaw; The Military Macaw; The Blue-fronted Amazon; The Slender-billed Conure; Pfrimer’s Parakeet; Bahama Parrot; and the Blue-throated Macaw.