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Avian Ecotourism / Birding Tours

Avian Ecotourism is about empowering and uniting conservation programs and the avian community. Increasing awareness to avian conservation programs by engaging volunteers in the protection of avian species and their natural habitats. Ecotourism provides a meaningful, hands-on educational experience. Volunteer experiences are carefully designed to make sure volunteer time is directed toward important conservation activities.

The ARA Project Volunteer and Apprenticeship Program

The ARA Project Avian Ecotourism programLaunched in 1982, The Ara Project is dedicated to saving Costa Rica’s parrots who are facing the threat of extinction. Their efforts so far have mostly been towards saving the two native Macaws: the endangered Great- green Macaw (Ara ambiguus) and the Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao). But with the shocking results following recent studies on the native Yellow-naped Amazon parrot, The Ara Project will soon be expanding its work. All three species have been heavily impacted by human pressures including unsustainable capture for the wild bird trade, hunting and habitat loss, and their populations have been significantly reduced. They are still at risk in the wild and are in urgent need of help.

Working at The Ara Project gives future conservationists and conservation enthusiasts the opportunity to learn about and work closely with some incredibly beautiful and charismatic birds, meet people from all over the world and experience Costa Rican life and culture in a remote area. And, of course, they will be making a difference to the survival of two threatened species of Macaw.

Depending on the time of year, they have a variety of different positions available.
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The ARA Project is one of HARIs supported foundations.

Animal Experience International

Avian Ecotourism
AEI empowers students, professionals and animal lovers to travel by providing exceptional volunteer adventures.

AEI is a B Corporation with a mission to help animals around the globe by matching clients with animal-related volunteer opportunities at sanctuaries, hospitals and research projects. Through their work as a wildlife veterinarian and as a volunteer coordinator for wildlife rehabilitation centres, co-founders Dr. Heather Reid and Nora Livingstone have come to understand the need for such an organization. People from all walks of life, and from every country are seeking animal-related experiences as volunteers. They are there to make sure volunteers have a safe and rewarding journey.
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Ventures Birding Tours

Birding toursVentures Birding Tours is based in Asheville, North Carolina. Tours range from day trips in the Blue Ridge Mountains to birding trips from Ecuador to Bhutan. Groups are small, and the experiences are unique. Birding should be fun!
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Wild Parrots Up Close

Watching Parrots in their Natural Habitats, with Steve Brookes – Traveller, Explorer, Adventurer, Photographer, Speaker and Writer but most of all a Parrot Enthusiast and Conservationist organizing and leading Eco-Tours to watch Parrots in their natural habitats.  Several years of research and journeys led to his first Parrot Watching Eco-Tour in 2004.  On every trip Steve Brookes tries to visit at least one conservation project which can sometimes be a direct Parrot Project or a Habitat/Land Project, which ultimately protect all the Parrots within that project area.

While traveling around on the tours, staying in some basic but very adequate and some more luxurious accommodations sampling the local culinary delights, you will be enjoying the diverse scenery through jungles and rain-forests as well as mountains, cerrado, wetlands and rivers employing local guides, drivers and boatmen to achieve the very best out of every trip.

You will have the opportunity to visit feeding, roosting and nesting sites and watch Parrots as they go about their daily routines observing the law of the jungle in not disturbing any of the wildlife.  You will also visit conservation projects some of which are directly involved with particular parrot species whilst others are habitat or land projects.  By visiting these projects you are making a financial contribution towards these conservation projects which means anyone joining the trips will be helping to conserve the Parrots, other wildlife and habitats directly.
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Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Jungle Lodge

In 2016, Caves Branch Jungle Lodge attained ownership of the national Title of Best Birding Destination in Belize.

Explore the countryside with this unique Belize Caves Branch Tropical Feathers – Bird Watching Vacation package created specifically for birding enthusiasts who want more nature based activities that focus on a growing attraction in Belize. Venture out on each of the daily activities in search some of the unique winged creatures including the national bird of Belize- the Keel-billed Toucan or the exotic Motmot bird and the noisy Toucanets. Capture a Black-headed Trogon and be enthralled with the natural beauty and distinct sounds. Learn about conservation efforts in Belize to save and protect some of the most endangered native species.
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