Conservation / Education

Our unwavering determination to promote awareness for the preservation,conservation and education of wild and captive parrot species echoes throughout our site – because their future is our concern.

  • Flame-winged Parakeets Flock to New Nest Boxes

    Little did ProAves Columbia's parakeet Project staff know just how desperate the Flame-winged Parakeet would be for nesting sites until they began erecting nest boxes ... Read More
  • Learning to Fly Again

    Belize Bird Rescue centre, the only one of its kind in Belize, takes in native birds that have been rescued from Belizean homes or confiscated from poachers ... Read More
  • The ARA Project – Saving the Great Green Macaw

    There was a time when thousands of Great Green Macaws soared freely in the sky above Costa Rica. Now, there are only about 300 wild ones left in the small Central American country ... Read More
  • Conservation: Caiques in the Wild

    Caiques are restricted to the low elevation rainforests of the Amazon/Orinoco basin. The main threat to wild Caiques is local human activity ... Read More
  • Saving Birds with Shade Grown Coffee

    What exactly is shade grown coffee and how can it help save birds lives? Shade grown coffee is harvested in traditional plantations. Some claim it is bird-friendly coffee ... Read More
  • Loro Parque – A birds eye view

    The Loro Park Foundation has created a paradise for parrots, and for parrot lovers. 1.5 million visitors a year go to Loro Parque to see its parrots and other attractions ... Read More

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