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Quality Assurance and Food Safety Guarantee


Mark Hagen - Hagen Avicultural Research Institute
Mark Hagen – Hagen Avicultural Research Institute

Quality assurance and food safety is HARI’s top priority, and we take it very seriously.

Since 1987, the Hagen Avicultural Research Institute (HARI®) has been fully committed to providing our global and valued customers products they can believe in and depend upon for their feathered companions. From ingredient testing to follow up with our customer service; subsidiaries of the Hagen Group remain dedicated to and involved in every aspect of product development and distribution. We take any concerns with our HARI products with great responsibility.

We are very proud of our outstanding 30+ year tradition of raising thousands of parrots over several generations at HARI. At a time when most bird food companies have shut their research centers, HARI continues its ongoing work on the research and development of advanced bird nutrition. In fact, HARI is the longest-standing research facility dedicated to studying the care and breeding of parrots.

As a family owned and operated company, we consider you, our customers, as part of our extended family and the health and safety of your pets has and will always be our top concern. We take pride in our quality ingredients and quality control process that have led to zero recalls since the first batch of HARI product left the Hagen Industries plant in 1985!

All lots of HARI food produced in the Hagen Industries plant are thoroughly tested at Hagen Industries, independent laboratories, and the HARI facility before being released to the market.

With professional life dedication and deep compassion for parrots, HARI Director, Mark D. Hagen, the  HARI Staff, as well as the Hagen Industries Team have the knowledge, equipment, and commitment to deliver safe and nutritious food for avian enthusiasts throughout the world.

Highest Quality Ingredients and First-Rate Quality Control Processes Mean Premium Quality Foods

Food safety and quality control start with the selection of the highest quality ingredients from conscientious suppliers. Ingredients are sourced locally, which means Tropican™/Tropimix™ foods are made with only the freshest ingredients. HARI brands such as Tropican & Tropimix are made at our own company owned state-of-the-art food plant, Hagen Industries Ltd. (located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada). Prior to committing to a supplier, Hagen Industries thoroughly researches and inspects their processes to ensure they are in accordance and have a similar approach to our ingredient selection criteria. Lots are produced in small batches and because they are made in close geographical proximity to the HARI facility, means quicker turnaround times for final HARI quality assurance approvals and enhanced freshness-to-market efficiencies.

Founded in 1974, Hagen Industries Ltd. manufactures a variety of pet products.

Hagen Industries upgrades its packaging automation competencies with flexible and robust VC999 machinery. Learn more.

Our Commitment to You and Your Pet

We understand that it matters what you feed your pet, which is why we work to ensure that all our formulas are produced to adhere to strict quality and safety standards. By implementing the latest scientific and technological advancements, we have developed a comprehensive food quality control process that ensures your pet’s food is always safe and nutritious.

If you ever have a concern or question about a HARI product, please be sure to retain the name of the product, product item number, UPC code, best before date, lot number, and manufacturing date – easy to locate on the product you purchased.

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