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The Research Facility

As a leader in avian research, HARI’s mission is to promote the advancement and improvement of Companion Bird Care and Aviculture through education and research in areas of psittacine health, nutrition, breeding, and early parrot education, and product development. In addition, HARI supports global efforts in wild parrot conservation.

HARI was established to study the captive breeding and maintenance of companion birds. HARI currently houses hundreds of various parrot species. The research fields include disease control, pair bonding, nutrition and the influence of temperature, humidity and light cycles on breeding. Progress has been rapid in the area of feeding research at HARI.

During the course of its operations, the facility achieved a significant milestone in that all of its avian denizens are offspring of breeding pairs that have been kept back from previous generations, ensuring continued aviculture at HARI as well as demonstrating that the science of breeding birds in captivity has made significant progress. HARI is now genetically self-sustaining for several generations into the future. With parrots living for many decades, this will go on well into the future.

Tropican and Tropimix food for birds are made in Canada at Hagen Industries in Montreal and both undergo rigorous 3-stage testing, which is unprecedented among bird food makers. Two onsite tests at Hagen Industries and final batch testing at HARI – where staff gently hand-feed precious nursery chicks with tender care – ensure that consumers get safe, dependable and top quality bird food.

We are very proud of Tropican’s outstanding 25-year tradition of raising thousands of parrots over several generations at HARI. At a time when most bird food companies have shut their research centers, HARI continues its ongoing work on the research and development of advanced bird nutrition. In fact, HARI is the longest-standing research facility dedicated to studying the care and breeding of parrots.

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