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Mark Hagen Research

A firm believer in sharing his knowledge and experiences, Mark Hagen, director of HARI has published dozens of research papers relating to the work at HARI, including egg incubation, oil and nutrition, formulated diets, husbandry and sanitation disease control, cage design, ventilation, and pediatric care. Many of his papers have been presented at most of the avicultural conferences held in the USA, Canada and Australia.

  • Metabolizable Energy of Sunflower Kernels in Goffin’s Cockatoo

    A Review of the Amino Acid and Fatty Acid Composition of Oil Seeds Eaten by Parrots Summary The proximate analysis of the seed kernels of Read More
  • The Aquisition, Husbandry and Breeding of Common Amazons

    Introduction Significant advances have been made in the science of breeding psittacine birds during the past decade. The wide spread use of formulated diets, the Read More
  • Psittacine Pediatrics: Housing and Feeding of Baby Parrots

    Introduction Hand-feeding baby birds is an vital part of any successful aviculture operation. Psittacine eggs that are artificially incubated or babies pulled from their parents Read More
  • Artificial Incubation Applied to Bird Eggs

    Introduction The egg is one of nature’s most incredible self-contained life capsules. It contains all of the balanced nutrients and, if fertilized, all of the Read More
  • Ventilation Systems for Indoor Breeding Facilities

    By Mark Hagen, M.Ag. Director of Research Contents Introduction Unique Respiration and Disease Design and Controls Temperature Control Filters and Pads Heat Exchangers Ventilation Standards Read More
  • Identification Methods in Parrots

    By Mark Hagen, M.Ag. Director of Research It is important for all parrot breeders to understand the importance of identifying their baby parrots. This is Read More

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