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A firm believer in sharing his knowledge and experiences, Mark Hagen, director of HARI has published dozens of research papers relating to the work at HARI, including egg incubation, oil and nutrition, formulated diets, husbandry and sanitation disease control, cage design, ventilation, and pediatric care. Many of his papers have been presented at most of the avicultural conferences held in the USA, Canada and Australia.

  • Nutritional Observations, Hand-Feeding Formulas, and Digestion in Exotic Birds

    Proper dietary nutrition and food quality are important in fast-growing exotic birds. The right balance of protein (amino acids), energy (fat), solids (water), and other Read More
  • A Proposal to Form Codes of Recommendation and Facilities Accreditation for Exotic Bird Aviculturists

    By Mark Hagen, M.Ag. Director of Research Contents: Introduction Accreditation Administration Lobbying Certification of Aviculturists Using Standards Minimum Standards Welfare Considerations Records and Breeding Consortiums Read More
  • Disease Prevention in an Indoor Psittacine Breeding Facility

    Introduction Disease prevention is achieved by proper planning, quarantine, housing, feeding, immunization, and sanitation. Hygiene must be constantly maintained making cleaning and disinfection an important Read More
  • An Outbreak of Herpes Virus and its Future Prevention in an Indoor Parrot Breeding Facility

    By Mark Hagen, M.Ag. Director of Research Contents Introduction The Facility History and Treatment Mortality Serology Recovery Vaccination Stress and Disease Summary Bibliography INTRODUCTION Pacheco’s Read More
  • Recommended Feeding Methods of Companion Birds

    By Mark Hagen, M.Ag. Director of Research Contents Seed Eaters Parrot Feeding Switching Birds to a Formulated Diet SEED EATERS Budgerigars, Canaries and Finches have Read More

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