I explore and collaborate in the advancements for ethical and responsible parrot care by focusing on parrot behaviour, nutrition, aviculture, conservation field biology and avian medicine.

Josee Bermingham

Growing up with a family that highly supported conservation programs on both a local and global level, Josee has always had a passion for animal and environmental education and causes. 

During the early 1990s, while acquiring a formal education as an animal veterinary health technician, Josee’s work experience at an exotic veterinary clinic practice and within the pet industry forged an unconventional path toward igniting her passion for parrots. Josee continued her journey to avian care and education by connecting with worldwide conservation enthusiasts all over the globe, while completing her education in animal husbandry, aviculture and exotic veterinary health technician.

Her desire to learn and contribute to psittacine research and conservation efforts led her to work for the Hagen Avicultural Research Institute (HARI) where she now continues to oversee the management of the facility and health of the flock, as well as contribute to product training for the Hagen Group on a global level as well as interns of exotic animal studies in Cegeps around Quebec.

Jan/Feb 2022 Hagen Communication Employee Spotlight Feature

Read as Josée shares in her own words a typical day at the HARI facility.

Josee working with volunteers for the Ara Manzanillo conservation project in Costa Rica.
Josee teaching students enrolled in Animal Health Technology husbandry methods of companion birds.

An accomplished editor of Parrot Life Magazine, the official HARI publication, Josee is presently featured on the HARI TV & YouTube channels featuring more than 100 video podcasts, reports, reviews & valuable chronicles on topics such as psittacine behavior, nutrition, health, safe idealistic cage and environment requirements, trends & advancements in aviculture and endangered parrot species restoration programs.

In 2014, after seven years of development, Josee, in conjunction with members of the HARI team, launched the Early Parrot Education® program for breeders and companion parrot owners. The EPE program utilizes educational strategies and tools that breeders and companion parrot owners can implement to coincide with a young parrots’ early growth stages preparing them for life as a companion bird.

Josee continues to share her experiences by educating the avian community on avian/psittacine topics such as nutrition, safe ethical restraint techniques (for health assessments and interventions), emergency first aid, incubation techniques, embryonic development, pediatric care, holistic alternative health care, enrichment and captive breeding management techniques. Josee has presented at avicultural seminars and conferences around the globe, including conferences such as the American Federation of Aviculture, ASA, AVES Australia, Canadian Parrot Conference, AAV-ExoticsCon, Parrot Festival NPRPF, Italy-International Ornithological Show of Reggio Emilia, and PIJAC Canada, on behalf of HARI Conservation Networking, an essential collaboration that interlinks aviculture, conservation, field research and avian medicine.’

Furthermore, Josee regularly collaborates in field research, and in the training of field biologists for pediatric psittacine health and biometric evaluations for several conservation programs around the world. Josee feels privileged to have explored the complexities of avian nutrition, nursery management, and advancements in the science of aviculture, and has assisted renowned veterinarians in endoscopic techniques and viral diseases. A proud lifetime member of the Loro Parque Foundation as she strives to remain truthful to the ideals, promote all parrot life, whether it be in captivity or in their natural habitat.

Monitoring Nest Boxes

Witnessing Josee’s courageous 25-meter climb up the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica is truly awe-inspiring. Her mission is to inspect the artificial nest boxes that were installed by the Ara Manzanillo team as part of their assisted reproduction nesting program.