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  • Our Promise To You During COVID-19

    With growing global concerns around COVID-19 (“coronavirus”), we hope you, your family and your precious pets remain healthy and safe. With so many unknowns presented during COVID-19, we want to provide you with an update on our response to date and our commitment to you moving forward....

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  • Mark Hagen Parrot Watching in Brazil 2019

    Brazil November 2019 – Pantanal and Bonito Mark recently traveled with Steve Brookes of Wild Parrots Up Close on one of his Eco-Tours to Brazil....

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  • Update HARI Nest Box #2088

    The Hyacinth Macaw – Arara Azul Project Last month HARI was proud to announce the sponsorship of nest box #2088 from the Arara Azul project...

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  • The Hyacinth Macaw ARARA AZUL Project

    The ARARA AZUL Project is a project that studies the biology and ecological relationships of the Hyacinth Macaw, manages and promotes the conservation of the...

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  • New HARI Distributor Claus GmbH Germany

    Since the beginning of September, Claus GmbH became the exclusive German distributor of Hagen Industries’ HARI premium parrot food. The activities of HARI (Hagen Avicultural...

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  • Help Stop the Burning of the Amazon Rainforest

    Recent reports show that more than 80,000 fires have broken out in the Amazon rainforest this year. Huge fires have also been burning across the...

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