25 Years in Aviculture Research

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25 Years….WOW! HARI Celebrates 25 Years as an Advanced Psittacine Aviculture Research Facility

HARI Beginnings
The goals were simple…set up a facility to study psittacine reproduction, disease investigation, husbandry, as well as nutrition when HARI was first established.
State of the Art Facility in progress!
State of the Art Facility in the beginning!

Under the directorship of Mark D. Hagen (MAg), HARI continues as a world leader in psittacine aviculture. From the humble beginnings in a warehouse operation with imported parrot species to the state of the art psittacine aviculture facility located on a mountain side in Rigaud, the HARI Team has learned and shared a great deal in the way of companion bird keeping. While some things in aviculture have changed, some things remain the same such as experiencing the passion of parrots.

HARI Educating BirdsWhat’s changed?

First of all, the vast variety of parrot species that make up the HARI Flock. At one time the HARI flock consisted of quite a variety of parrot species to include many cockatoo species as well as smaller South American species. Currently, the HARI flock consists of ten main core species that excel as companion pets in today’s society. This is especially beneficial with the HARI developed technique of raising companion birds – the 6 stages of Early Parrot Education. We have touched on some of the stages in previous blog posts, with lessons in towel cradling, flight harness training, bathing, preening as well as nutrition. These lessons are critical in weaning parrot chicks so that they are prepared for their life as a companion pet.

The many faces of the Avian Community reflected in Parrot Life Magazine– the official publication of HARI. Unlike many other companion animal segments, the Parrot community is so varied with interests in companion, aviculture, medical, and especially a topic dear to the hearts of the HARI Team, conservation. While the publication is limited in print, we do invite readers to get the complete volume set in PDF form. And, not to worry, there will be more!

HARI ParrotWhat’s the same?

Aside from the many challenges the day to day facility brings, it is the passion of parrots that keeps HARI running! As anyone who cares for animals can attest, the caretaker’s day is not always smooth. HARI has experienced aviculture diseases such as Pacheco’s Virus, PDD, as well as everyday diseases that have resulted in depth research investigation in natural therapies. Mark Hagen and members of the HARI Staff have shared their experience and have spoken at Avicultural conferences all over the world. Work in the areas of disease continues as the HARI staff members collaborate with top avian veterinarians and veterinarian techs throughout the year.

HARI continues to serve as the testing facility for HARI Approved products such as Tropican, Tropimix, Prime and Living World products such as foraging and enrichment Nature’s Treasure Toys and new Clay-Cal.

The HARI Team wishes to say thank you to all that have supported our work and especially to those in the Avian community. It is truly a shared Parrot Passion that will keep us going for the next 25 years!