HARI Sends Donation to Birds rescued from Illegal Traders

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In a world of ongoing natural destruction and illegal traders, the plight of endangered parrot species survival faces more challenges. Fortunately, there is the World Parrot Trust and in particular the Echo team that comes to the aid of parrots species in distress. The HARI team and Rolf C. Hagen Inc. is happy to send support in the way of Tropican donation to aid. Can you help too?

On Friday, July 1st, Echo – a World Parrot Trust FlyFree partner – received an emergency call for help from STINAPA (Stichting Nationale Parken Bonaire). Following a tip-off, STINAPA had seized a group of 112 parrots from an illegal trader. The birds are native to Bonaire and were believed to be bound for Curacao to be sold into the pet trade.

Many were close to perishing, and one had already died.

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With no time to spare, Echo staff began caring for the parrots – Yellow-shouldered Amazons and Brown-throated Conures – and worked through the night by lantern to try to save them. The birds were in a terrible state, and desperately needed feeding after being kept in appalling conditions and without food for several days. Out of the 112 birds about 90 babies now require one-on-one care.

The immediate need for these youngsters is hand-feeding formula. The team will attempt to foster some of the parrots into wild nests, but many of the chicks are very young and may have months to go before they are able to eat on their own.

Intensive care is needed right now to help these birds survive.

The next few days will be critical for these birds. And this is where you come in: any support you can provide can make a difference to help get these parrots healthy and back into the wild where they belong.

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