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  • How Safe is Your Bird’s Food? Ours is HARI safe.

    Highest Quality Ingredients and First-Rate Quality Control Processes Mean Premium Quality Foods Did you know that EVERY SINGLE LOT of HARI food formulations developed at...

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  • Natural Products for Parrots

    Many bird owners are leaning toward natural products for their parrots-whether it’s food, treats, or toys. When someone thinks of a macaw ......

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  • Basic Bird Nutrition: Parrot Food – What to Feed Pet Birds?

    How much extruded parrot food should you feed your pet bird daily? While the HARI Flock eats 100% Tropican extruded parrot food daily, when considering...

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  • Feeding Peanuts to Parrots

    Are Peanuts Safe for Parrots? We often get questions about feeding peanuts and sunflower seeds to parrots. Peanut and sunflower kernels are a great source...

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  • 6 Healthy Reasons for Tropican Alternative Formula

    Support for adult and senior birds that might have: Challenges due to age, Sensitive digestive systems, Less active lifestyles, Long term poor health, Protein sensitivities ......

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  • Foraging Enrichment: Using Prime Supplement Efficiently

    As Prime was developed for companion birds on a predominately seed based diet, we’ve always recommended Prime be sprinkled on a bird’s moistened food for optimal nutritional benefit....

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