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Lock & Crock for Birds

Heavy-Duty, Tip-Proof Food and Water Bowls

HARI Lock & Crock Bowls for birds offer many great advantages. Made of extra-thick, chew-resistant plastic, the heavy-duty bowls are durable, easy to clean, and top rack dishwasher safe. The crock-style dishes can attach easily to most cage wire sizes and fit vertical or horizontal cage wiring. They are an excellent space-saving alternative to freestanding dishes. Once installed, they will not twist, turn, or tip, eliminating messy food or water spills. The bowls can easily be detached for filling or cleaning, simply by sliding the locking device and lifting the dish.

  • Prevents spills and messes
  • Slide and lock design – will not twist, turn or tip
  • Polished finish for easy cleanup
  • Avoids bird droppings in food and water when placed in an elevated area of the cage
  • Attractive colours complement pet’s environment and home décor
  • Also suitable for small animal cages

Recommended Species

For all parrots.


Available Sizes

When planning your purchase, be sure to select from the following sizes according to your bird size and available space within your bird cage.

Item # Capacity Colour Suitable for
81941 177 ml (6 oz) Fern Green Small/Medium Parrots
81942 591 ml (20 oz) Cloud Grey Large Parrots

What do you need to know about parrots and water?

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? “Provide plenty of fresh water for drinking”. Yet there is much more to water and your parrot’s water needs than the obvious. Should you be using purified or filtered water; should you add vitamins and/or minerals; how about the addition of sanitizing agents to fight viruses, yeasts or bacteria? How about water containers – a water bottle, a tube-style water dispenser, a nipple waterer, a plain cup, or a bathing dish? How many? Where? What about bathing and showering?

Read all about parrots and water to learn more or watch the video.

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