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Bird Nutrition

Trusted Worldwide by Aviculturists and Veterinarians.

HARI continues to evolve into a world class Psittacine captive breeding, bird nutrition and research facility. Produced at Rolf C. Hagen Inc.’s state of the art food plant with a multi-step quality control plan makes Tropican & Tropimix top quality bird food brands.

  • Produced in state of the art food plant
  • Each batch tested for nutritional value
  • Each batch fed to HARI’s flock since 1987
  • Tropican Premium Formulas

    Tropican Parrot food is scientifically prepared as a complete balanced diet for all life cycles of companion Parrots, from a newly hatched baby chick to an active and energized adult all the way to a mature senior. Whether it is in the form of mash, extruded granules, sticks or biscuits, there is no need for dietary supplements. Each formula contains a nutritious blend of grains, seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruits, vitamins and minerals for maximum palatability and biological value.

  • Tropimix Enrichment Blends

    Tropimix enrichment bird food is a 100% edible blend that is free of all shells and husks, eliminating messy waste. Enrichment foods such as Tropimix should be implemented for your pet bird’s psychological needs. Birds just like humans seek the enjoyment of eating a variety of food. Tropimix offers the best of both worlds: a multi-grain variety with tasty fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts with the added benefit of Tropican, a nutritionally balanced extruded morsel.

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