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Bird Supplements

Introducing vitamin and calcium supplements to your bird is the surest way to ensure you are providing optimal diet conditions for better health.

Poor or inadequate diet is the number one reason for illness in birds. Birds may get sick for many reasons but the two main categories where most problems lie are the bird’s environment and their diet. If bird owners can optimize their bird’s environment and diet, many problems can be avoided. This means that your bird can live a longer, healthier, happier life.

Dietary deficiencies cause a wide range of sicknesses, ranging from poor feather color and feather picking to severe upper respiratory infections. But whether the sickness is due primarily to a deficiency or the birds gets a secondary infection, diet is the key.

  • Prime – Vitamin Mineral Amino Acid Supplement

    PRIME adds the essential vitamins and minerals missing in commercially prepared seed mixtures for companion birds. As well it provides proper quantities of two essential and limiting amino acids – Lysine and Methionine – which cannot be produced by birds, but are vital to growth and proper protein metabolism.

    • Ultra fine powder for soft food / fruit application
    • Balanced formulation which provides the essential elements missing in staple seed diets
    • High calcium formulation with beneficial bacteria
  • Clay-Cal – Calcium Enriched Clay Supplement

    Clay-Cal contains bentonite clay, specifically montmorillonite clay with superior cation properties. Clay-Cal is especially milled for parrot and passerine consumption and is combined with charcoal as well as calcium, a necessary mineral for companion birds.

    • Calcium supplement for healthy bones and body tissue development
    • Especially good for birds needing more calcium in their diets.
    • Absorbs toxic compounds and impurities found in plant foods and in the bird’s environment.
  • Finely Crushed Soluble Grit For All Pet Birds

    Birds have behavioral and/or nutritional needs for ingestion of soluble grit. Specially ground for all cage and aviary birds, HARI Oyster Shells soluble grit is completely digestible and provides a natural source of calcium which is required by all caged birds year-round.

    • Rich source of calcium for stronger bones and health.
    • Soluble grit aids digestion
    • Contributes to better egg quality
  • Coconut Derived Activated Carbon For All Pet Birds

    Keep HARI charcoal available to help aid in digestion or to help eliminate toxins. Safe for pet birds, it is especially beneficial for budgies, canaries, finches and other small birds. If heavy metal poisoning, medication overdose, or any toxin ingestion is suspected, activated charcoal can absorb the toxins and help them to be eliminated quickly.

    • Provides an excellent aid to proper digestion
    • Neutralizes acids and fights gastric hyperacidity
    • Helps maintain a balanced pH
    • Is great to have on hand in case of emergencies
  • Mineral Blocks for Small Birds

    Packed full of goodness to help keep pet birds healthy.

    • Provides birds with a premium source of calcium for strong bones and optimal growth
    • Embedded with an assortment of natural ingredients
    • Keeps beaks trim while providing foraging enrichment

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