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Bird Treats

Reward your bird with a tasty bird treats!

Who doesn’t love a treat? One of the most effective ways to teach a bird new behaviors or tricks and skills is using an irresistible food treat to motivate them. While in moderation, this is okay, we also do not want to create “treat junkies” in that our companions will expect a tasty reward every time he does an expected behavior. Caretakers should strive to build a foundation of trust and respect using nurturing, mentoring, modeling and play as alternatives to using food rewards for training. Always remember to feed treats in moderation. Treats should not exceed more than 5% of total daily food consumption.

Foraging skills

In the wild, 80% of a bird’s waking hours are spent foraging. And companion birds need to experience that sense of accomplishment that foraging can provide. Using food and treats in foraging devices can help teach these important skills.  Creating foraging opportunities for your bird is not difficult. When food or treats are incorporated into toys, parrots will stay interested much longer.

Healthy Ingredients

Ingredients full of artificial preservatives and coloring, or ingredients infused with chemicals can cause health problems and negatively impact a bird’s longevity. Avian trends support the idea of food & treats that are free of artificial coloring and especially preservatives and made from high-quality human-grade seeds. This comes from the fact that because birds are supposed to live a long time, and food & treats ingested over a lifetime have a huge impact on health and life expectancy. HARI has always been very conscious of ingredients that are not only nutritious but also from a very “clean” source.

  • Oven baked in small batches using high-quality human grade seeds , Little Foragers™ Parrot Treats have no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.

    • Oven baked in small batches
    • Ideal for foraging enrichment activities or training rewards
    • Birds love the texture and taste
    • Made in Canada

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