Nutrition to Last a Lifetime

Tropican Premium Parrot Food Formulas are scientifically prepared as a completely balanced diet for all life cycles of Companion Parrots, from a newly hatched baby chick to an active and energized adult to a mature senior.

Nutritionally Balanced Extruded Formulas with Greater Nutrient Density and Digestibility.

Tropican Premium extruded formulas offer a superior option to other parrot foods on the market. They are more nutrient-dense and digestible and offer a range of benefits, such as excellent palatability, healthy and vibrant plumage, improved weight balance, and reduced water intake and urination. Additionally, Tropican Extruded Formulas are known to lead to lower consumption, less odorous feces, and increased metabolic water production.

Whether you prefer mash, extruded granules, sticks, or biscuits, there is no need for dietary supplements – each formula contains a nutritious blend of grains, seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruits, vitamins, and minerals for maximum palatability and biological value. Tropican uses only the freshest grains and legumes from the most recent crop.

Tropican foods are backed by HARI’s commitment to quality and is demonstrated by rigorous testing and quality control processes. Each batch is evaluated for nutritional value, pathogens, pesticides, and herbicides. Additionally, the formulas are fed to HARI’s parrot flock members to ensure optimum nutritional value and digestibility while regularly monitoring their health to ensure their well-being. It’s important to consider your parrot’s life stage, species size, predisposition, lifestyle, and energy expenditure before selecting the appropriate formula for your bird.

Explore the Products

Hand-Feeding Formula

Provides proper daily nutrition for baby parrots up to fledgling, which is a critical age of a parrot’s life. Its flavorful recipe simplifies the transition to the next Tropican Life Cycle Formula.

  • Micro-ground extruded formula
  • Optimal protein source for growing baby
  • Provides optimum nutrient density and gut motility
  • No artificial preservatives, colours and flavours
High Performance Formula Formula

Provides proper daily nutrition for weaning, fledgling and breeding Parrots or for Parrots that require a heartier diet.

  • Balanced calcium & vitamin D for proper egg formation
  • Essential amino acid combination promotes optimal growth and feather development
  • No artificial preservatives, colours and flavours
  • Multi sizes and shapes satisfy a wide range of species
Lifetime Formula

Provides proper daily nutrition for fledged juvenile to adult Parrots for the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Multiple sources of protein generate impeccable feathers
  • High caloric density and optimal levels of calcium
  • No artificial preservatives, colours and flavours
  • Multi sizes and shapes satisfy a wide range of species
Alternative Formula

Provides proper daily nutrition for all adult and senior parrots or birds with dietary restrictions, less active lifestyles, or protein sensitivities. 

  • Formulated with Non-GMO ingredients
  • Soy and Corn-Free
  • No artificial preservatives, colours and flavours
  • Contains beneficial bentonite clay
  • Quinoa and pea source of proteins
Egg Granules Formula

A scientifically formulated extruded blend of grains, eggs, essential vitamins & minerals for budgies, canaries, finches and other small birds.

  • A good source of egg protein
  • Promotes healthy feathers
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals
  • Ideal for birds who are breeding, moulting or stressed