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Yellow Crowned Yellow Naped Amazons

The Value of Bird Club Fellowship

June 29, 2011 News, Blog, Avian Community

Is the Internet Replacing Monthly Companion Bird Clubs?

As the Internet becomes even more popular with endless threads of information, the avian community often reaches out to other flock members with the press of a button.   And, thanks to the power of social network sites, blogs, and so many choices in state of the art portable devices, immediate gratification is merely a click away. Without a doubt, the power of instant communication might be a positive aspect in building camaraderie with other avian enthusiast. However, one must question this trend and whether cyberspace education alone is an adequate replacement for “real time socialization” with other avian enthusiasts.

Organized companion bird clubs can offer a lot in the way of avian education coupled with a kindred fellowship, and of course community outreach events such as bird expos, adoption and fostering events,  companion bird awareness  to name a few.

Don’t let the Internet be your only source of information for your bird.

Towel Restraint
Safe method for towel restraint

If you’ve been following the HARI Blog, you might have picked up a few lessons in caring for your bird such as “how to detect pododermatitis” or “how to use safe non-invasive towel restraint“.  Now imagine a qualified avian care specialist demonstrating these lessons with a real towel and a real bird.
Can’t get that on your computer or your portable device!  But, when a thriving bird club features  a guest speaker to show the members how to do this first hand, the lesson is  more meaningful. And, who benefits from that?

For many of our followers, locating an organized companion bird clubs may present a challenge.  We suggest looking for a club that offers well rounded activities or benefits that are in line with the membership and the positive aspects of companion birds. A bird club is as empowering as its membership. While that can be a challenge, we do encourage avian caretakers to seek out friends and support their local bird clubs.  Local companion bird clubs are the ties that bind the avian community.  Need to find a bird club near you…yeah…you guessed it. Check the internet!

LIPS 26th Year!

With that being said, we’d like to acknowledge one of the largest companion bird clubs in the United States, the Long Island Parrot Society.   This year, LIPS celebrates their 26th year as 501c3 organization and serves the New York avian community with many projects that promote responsible bird ownership based on education and example. With a membership of over 600, the club caters to the many facets of the avian community to include companion bird owners, breeders, pet shop professionals as well as support for the  fostering and re-homing of companion birds in need.

And, now for an HARI EVENT announcement!

Calling all of the avian community in the Long Island New York area and set the date! JULY 23, 2011!HARI Event 2011

Join Mark Hagen, Director of HARI and Josee Bermingham, AHT and head veterinarian Technician for the day as they present A Parrot’s Guide to Surviving in a Human Household for the Long Island Parrot Society.

Whether you’re a companion pet owner, a breeder, or pet shop, you don’t want to miss this all day event!  LIPS, one of the largest companion bird clubs in the United States present this special opportunity to all. Special discounts are available with multiple registrations. For more information on this event, please visit the Long Island Parrot Society

Melanie Allen

About Melanie Allen

Melanie got her start with Parrots in the 1980's with her first parrot, a purchased yellow-naped amazon - who suffered from chronic health issues that stemmed from poor nutrition and inadequate care. Melanie also served as president of Florida Federation of Aviculture, Inc., as a Board Member for National Parrot Rescue & Preservation Foundation, and on the American Federation of Aviculture Nomination Committee. Today, she works closely with aviculturists, retail stores, and companion pet owners, and attends all U.S. “Avi-Industry” conventions, including the American Federation of Aviculture, Avicultural Society of America, and Parrot Festival, on behalf of The Hagen Group.

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