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Early Parrot Education

After years of supplying the pet retailers in Canada hand fed baby parrots and with consideration to some of the challenges pet owners have had with companion birds over the years, HARI has developed the Early Parrot Education (EPE) & Weaning Program. A formal six stage educational process – utilizing tools and educational focus in a timely manner that coincides with the young parrot’s most opportunistic moment of physical and mental growth.

EPE intorduction

Program Introduction

The EPE & Weaning Program prepares the bird with lifelong lessons for his journey as a companion animal. . While many of the stages are implemented at the breeder facility, retailers and even the pet owners will find that by maintaining the program with the later stages, the outcome will result in an educated pet bird… with an absolute higher value as he is better prepared for his role as a companion pet. Both participating pet retailers and breeders have experienced higher retail sale on these “Early Parrot Education” birds to quality seeking pet owners.

  • EPE for the Breeder

    The EPE program begins with acknowledgement of stages based on physical characteristics and not necessarily age ... Read More
  • EPE for the Companion Parrot Owner

    Once Early Parrot Education is completed at the breeding facility, it doesn't mean the parrots education ends there... Read More

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