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Early Parrot Education Stage 4 – Advanced Foraging

In Stage 4, the recently fledged chick now starts to actively participate in the training sessions; whereas in the previous Stage 3, he was merely an observer. Comparatively, this would be similar to a preschool child beginning his first day in kindergarten.

Chick Physical Characteristics Stage 4 Early Parrot Education

Chick`s Educational Focus

  • Weight is beginning to stabilize and is maintained with fewer assisted feedings (1-2 times per day of small quantities only to provide nurturing and supplemental consumption)
  • Advanced foraging education by other flock mentors and caregivers
  • Access to mixed fledgling flight to allow more socialization and exercise during the day and to mimic foraging activity slightly further away from the nesting cavity
  • Chicks are actively engaged in primary lesson “training” and are no longer simply being desensitized
  • Introducing training sessions that are one on one with mentor (caretaker) although chicks are always able to view clutch mates during these sessions
  • It may be favourable to have the flock mentor do most of the education and training but out of compassion for the fledglings, they must not perceive this mentor as the only caregiver, guide and disciplinarian since these future companion birds will live most likely away from the breeder. The mentor must ensure that the fledglings learn to trust being handled and trained by others, and are gradually introduced to this through social activity and play while at the same time respecting the codes of conduct established with other trustworthy handlers under supervision
  • Chicks are now comfortable wearing the flight harness and can have this harness placed and removed easily
  • Nail grooming slightly to remove the sharp tips only …should not blunt completely
  • Comfortable with the physical exam even when towel cradled…
  • Play is the fundamental focus –encourage speech and laughter (parrot equivalent)…occupational activities such as watching television
  • Will spend a short time in transporter (pet carrier) while remaining in view of flock mates

To learn more about Stage 4 of the Early Parrot Education program and the techniques to use, we encourage you to review the slide presentation below.

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