Is your Parrot in Hormonal Overdrive?

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So often we accept our bird’s spring like moods as part of sharing a life with a parrot. And, in most cases, accept that our feathered companion can be aggressive with their cage, or even with certain members of the household. The following series of articles, by HARI Manager and Parrot Life Magazine editor, Josee Bermingham, offers explanation and causes of these undesirable behaviors. And, solutions that will help!

Versatile living quarters and lifestyle for your parrot

How this can benefit a long lasting relationship with your avian companion

Many parrot companions are not given the appropriate exposure to versatile living quarters needed to continuously challenge their intelligence & instinctive potential for adaptability and independence. What stimulating lifestyle are we offering our companions?

Furthermore let’s explore the dramatic & life-threatening health conditions that could possibly be linked to the monotonous lifestyle of numerous cage bonded birds. Obesity, lack of exercise, and prolonged states of hormonal overdrive are suspected to be frequently responsible for the compromised life expectancy of our companion parrots in recent years. An alarming reality reveals the correlation made with prolonged states of hormonal overdrive, inevitably responsible for numerous undesirable behaviors leading to abandonment.

Ironically, despite the significant advancements in avian medicine, behavior analysis and modification, nutrition, husbandry and aviculture, numerous individuals in our care live shorter lives than what used to be expected! Where have we gone wrong?

Read on for continued Factors Contributing to Raging Hormones in your Parrot?

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