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Early Parrot Education

  • Weaning for Success: Quaker Parrot Nutrition

    Welcome back to the HARI series “Weaning for Success” in which we feature the much loved companion species, the Quaker Parakeet. In this segment of...

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  • It’s All About a Quaker Parrot

    An Education Process to Quality Companionship! Who can resist the robust, “big parrot-trapped in a small body” personality of a Quaker? Also known as monk...

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  • Diet Conversions for Your Parrot

    Tried and True Tips Ensure that your pet bird is in good health. Changing a bird’s diet can be stressful, even if changing the diet...

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  • Avian First Aid: Natural Remedies for Parrots

    Aloe Vera for Parrots Welcome to the Avian First Aid segment! We will be featuring some of HARI’s suggested components of an avian first aid...

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  • Show us your Choanal Papillae!

    What is Choanal Papillae? When your avian veterinarian examines your bird, one of the first things he or she will inspect is the condition of...

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  • What does “HARI Approved” Mean?

    The HARI Approved endorsement indicates that the particular bird product has been developed and scientifically researched at HARI, and is of superior quality for companion...

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