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Hagen Avicultural Research Institute

Located near Montreal, Quebec, HARI (Hagen Avicultural Research Institute) is a research institute establishment built in 1985 to promote the welfare of the companion birds. Under the direction of Psittacine Aviculturist, Mark Hagen, the constant study of the captive breeding maintenance of these birds has lead to tremendous developments in bird husbandry, nutrition & disease control.

One of the major areas of research carried out at HARI focuses on nutrition. Extensive trials have revealed that Tropican has greater nutrient density and digestibility than other diets on the market, which result in better plumage, weight balance, lower consumption, greater metabolic water production and therefore lower water intake, lower urination, pleasant smelling feces and excellent palatability.

HARI has fed more than 350 pairs, of over 58 different species of parrots on this extruded granular diet, and Mark Hagen notes that regular health checks have revealed no signs of feather stress bars, kidney disorders, weak bones or any other problems usually associated with nutrition.

To share their experiences HARI constantly publishes research on topics such as disease control, pair bonding, nutrition and the influence of temperature, humidity and light cycles on breeding. All the articles and materials found on this website are protected under the Copyright and Trademark laws by their respective owners. No articles or materials in whole or in part may be used without the express permission of Hagen Avicultural Research Institute. We are happy to make this information available to you, please contact [email protected].