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Bird Housing

Your bird’s cage should be his refuge, a place of comfort, security and discovery

Understanding your bird and providing appropriate sized housing can go a long way toward forming a strong bond with your new companion. It is important to learn everything you can about your bird, his habits, and how to keep him healthy and happy. This will help you provide a home that supports your bird’s needs.

The cage you purchase must be large enough to allow your bird room for movement. Overly small cages may cause stress, which can lead to behavior problems. An absolute minimum cage size for larger birds is one and a half times the bird’s wingspan in width, depth, and height. These dimensions give the bird room to stretch and move without damaging the wing or tail feathers on the cage bars. Of course, if you plan on housing more than one bird in the cage, the amount of space should be increased appropriately.

Environment and Stimulation

Providing the proper environment for your companion bird is vital in maintaining both physical and mental health. Things to avoid are temperature extremes, harsh lighting, drafts, dampness, loud constant and stressful noises, and unsupervised pets or children in the vicinity. Ideally, the cage should not be in a smoking environment, your bedroom, a carpeted room or secluded from family interactions. Some birds are very social and need to be at the center of things. Other smaller species of birds like a quieter room and might benefit from having the cage placed up against the wall.

Perch size, dimensions, materials, texture, and diameter variations are extremely important. These are often neglected and underrated, but are a critical consideration.

Toys are an essential component to your bird’s environment. Introduce new and rotate old toys to offer continuous mental and physical stimulation.

  • Vision Bird Cages

    Bird-keeping, after all, should be about comfort and convenience for birds and bird-keepers alike. This is what Vision bird cages are all about – the convergence of many features for the benefit of two: you and your bird.

    • Quick n’ Easy to Assemble
    • “No Drawer” Cage Design
    • Unique Deep Base with Debris Guard
    • Exterior access to Perches and Seed/Water cups
    • Dual-pivoting Front Doors
    • Ergonomic Multi-Grip Perches
  • Vision Compact Cage Lamp

    • Lightweight lamp designed for use with Vision cages
    • Daytime Basking Light – Heats and Illuminates the Cage
    • Infrared Basking Light – Provides Soothing Heat
    • Daylight LED – Energy efficient daylight LED
  • Vision Cage Accessories

    All Vision cage accessories are made to be used with HARI approved Vision cages.

    • Cage Stands
    • Replacement Perches
    • Replacement Seed/Water Cups
    • Bird bath
  • Vision Replacement Parts

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