4-Way Perch Swing & Toy, for Medium Parrots


4-Way Perch Swing & Toy, for Medium Parrots

Item #: 81064 | UPC: 0-80605-81064-8

Parrots spend most of their lives standing on their feet. Perch variety is crucial to a companion bird’s overall health. Perches that move, like swings, help to keep leg, feet, and toe joints strong and flexible; and can help to encourage wing flapping behaviour, which supports cardiovascular health. Beyond standing, birds will use a perch as an accessory, for playing games, and as a grooming aid. The HARI Active.Play 4-way Perch Swing & Toy promotes exercise, agility and balance and will help keep companion birds in top condition.

  • Features
    • Permanent non-slip grooming surfaces keeps birds safe and nails trimmed
    • Colorful pinewood, corn husk, and leather foraging toy for enrichment
    • With extra toy hook for added fun
    • Includes q-link: d-shape 4cm (1.6″)
  • Specs
    Type of ToyExercise, Perching
    Diameter3.2 cm / 1.25″
    Length36.8 cm / 14.5″
    Height34.3 cm / 13.5″
    ColourMulti-colour perches and toy
  • Recommended Bird Species
    African Greys, Caiques, Jardines, Jendays, Lories, Senegals, Timnehs
  • Recommended Bird Size
    Small & Medium
  • Warning: The PVC material in the toys are made from uPVC and are considered safe & non-toxic for our birds. The difference between uPVC and PVC is that uPVC (or Rigid PVC) does not contain any phthalates or BPA. Pet toys of any kind should be used under supervision. Do not allow your pet to ingest portions of this item. Inspect the product periodically and remove from use if it becomes worn or damaged. Not intended for use by children.

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    Perch Placement Is Vital

    The size, dimensions, materials, texture, diameter variations and number of perches provided within the bird cage are extremely important. These are often neglected and underrated, but are a critical consideration. A minimum of 3 different perching materials and varied dimensions should be offered to your bird in his cage.

    Questions about PVC and birds

    Smart.Play toys that are made from PVC materials, specifically uPVC, are non-toxic and safe for birds. The difference between uPVC (Rigid PVC) and its counterpart PVC is that the former does not contain phthalates or BPA.

    Here are some important details to help you better understand the differences between these two materials:

    • uPVC is a type of rigid PVC that is strong and durable, while PVC is a flexible and lightweight material.
    • One of the main differences between the two is that uPVC does not contain phthalates or BPA, which are chemicals used to make PVC more flexible but can potentially cause health problems.
    • uPVC is a safe and non-toxic option for your feathered friends.

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