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Give your pet bird a fun and healthy way to stay active with HARI Smart.Play Exercise & Perching Toys. In addition to providing entertainment, these toys offer a range of physical benefits. They can strengthen their pectoral muscles, increase dexterity, agility, and balance, all while burning calories and getting a cardio workout.

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Bagel Cascade

Enrichment Parrot Toy for Medium Birds


Bamboo Tower

Enrichment Parrot Toy for Medium Birds


Birdie Play Perch

Enrichment Parrot Toy for Small Birds


Coconut Merry-Go-Round

Enrichment Parrot Toy for Medium Birds


Cookie Ring

Enrichment Parrot Toy for Very Small, to Medium Birds


Cross Sisal Perch

Enrichment Parrot Toy for Very Small to Small Birds


Foraging Wall

Enrichment Parrot Toy for Medium to Large Birds


Garden Totem

Enrichment Parrot Toy for Medium to Large Birds


Hula Skirt

Enrichment Parrot Toy for Small to Medium Birds


Monkey King

Enrichment Parrot Toy for Small to Medium Birds

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Choosing the Right Exercise & Perching Toys for Your Parrot

Parrots are intelligent creatures that require constant mental and physical stimulation to maintain their overall well-being. As a caretaker, it is important to provide them with exercise and perching toys that suit their needs. Here are some tips on how to choose suitable toys that your parrot will love:

  • Consider the size of your parrot: Parrots come in different sizes, and it is important to choose an exercise toy that is appropriate for your bird’s size. A toy that is too small or too large can be dangerous for your parrot and may not be effective in providing the necessary exercise.
  • Choose toys with different textures: Parrots love to explore different textures, and toys with varying textures can provide the necessary mental and physical stimulation. Choose toys or perching toys that have soft, hard, and rough textures to keep your parrot engaged.
  • Look for colorful toys: Parrots are attracted to bright colors, and toys with vibrant colors can stimulate their minds and keep them engaged for longer periods.
  • Consider toys that promote foraging: Foraging is an important activity for parrots, and toys that promote foraging can provide the necessary mental and physical stimulation. Toys such as puzzle feeders or toys with hidden treats can keep your parrot engaged while also promoting foraging behavior.
  • Choose toys and perching toys that promote exercise: Toys that promote exercise, such as bouncing perches or activity centers, can encourage your parrot to flap their wings, climb, and fly. These toys can also promote cardiovascular endurance and help keep your parrot healthy.

HARI Smart.Play Exercise and Perching Toys

Ensuring your feathered friend is active and content is a crucial aspect of their well-being. Obesity is quite common among companion birds, resulting from a lack of exercise. So, how do you keep your pet bird active and healthy? Thankfully, there are many ways to achieve this goal with minimal effort, such as through exercise toys like HARI Smart.Play. These toys provide an excellent opportunity for your bird to flap their wings and engage in cardio activity. By using an exercise perching toy that requires propulsion, your bird can begin flapping their wings and tightening their grip, leading to improved heart health and stronger toe muscles. These toys offer both physical and mental stimulation, promoting cardio, dexterity, agility, and strong pectoral muscles while burning calories. Furthermore, the toys are designed to encourage natural behaviors and simulate the environment in which birds thrive. By promoting movement and burning energy, HARI Smart.Play toys can keep your pet bird feeling happy and healthy.

Exercise & perching toys help to relieve anxiety, promote mental and physical stimulation, and provide entertainment.

  • Toys available in a range of size suitable for all hookbills
  • Encourages foraging and preening
  • Relieves boredom and helps prevent feather plucking
  • Provides mental and physical stimulation
  • Helps relieve anxiety by providing entertainment
  • Socially responsibly produced

Natural Materials Ensure a Safe and Sustainable Experience

Many of the HARI Smart.Play toys are crafted using a variety of natural materials, including bamboo, sisal, cocona, coconut, seagrass, loofah, willow, pinewood, and sea shells. The colors utilized in these toys are made from non-toxic vegetable dyes, ensuring your bird’s safety while they play. The toys are also equipped with either an appropriately sized pear-shaped or d-shaped quick link.

When it comes to choosing toys for your pet bird, it’s important to prioritize their safety and well-being. That’s why opting for natural materials is a great choice. Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Natural materials are non-toxic and safe for your bird to play with. Unlike some plastic toys, which may contain harmful chemicals, natural materials like bamboo, sisal, and coconut are completely safe for your bird to chew and interact with.
  • Choosing natural materials is also a sustainable choice. These materials are renewable and biodegradable. By choosing toys made from natural materials, you can reduce your ecological footprint and promote a healthier planet.
  • HARI Smart.Play toys are designed with your bird’s safety in mind. Each toy is equipped with an appropriately sized pear-shaped or d-shaped quick link, which ensures that the toy is securely fastened to your bird’s cage and won’t come loose during playtime.
  • Non-toxic vegetable dyes are also used to color the toys, ensuring that your bird won’t be exposed to any harmful chemicals. This means you can feel confident that your bird is playing with a toy that’s both safe and enjoyable.
  • In addition to being safe and sustainable, the toys are designed for functional play and provide your bird with mental and physical stimulation. Birds are intelligent creatures that require plenty of mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. These toys are designed to provide your bird with a variety of textures, shapes, and colors to explore, helping to keep them engaged and entertained for hours on end.

For the Health and Well-Being of Your Bird

Encourage Your Parrot to Exercise: Tips and Tricks

Physical and mental stimulation, entertainment, and anxiety relief are all benefits of exercising your parrot. However, before you encourage your bird to work out, consider their age, confidence, experience, and overall health. Observe your parrot’s endurance, physical activity, skill level, and interest in participating to assess their well-being.

Provide Various Exercise Stimulating Toys

Your bird’s cage should be spacious enough to accommodate several interactive exercise-stimulating toys. During supervised time out of the cage, encourage exercise by placing bouncing and climbing perches, as well as toys that require a bit of dexterity and ingenuity to reach. An activity center, play-gym, foraging tree, or other designated exercise and activity stations can encourage your bird to fly back and forth from their day cage as they explore the environment. Place toys in strategic locations around the cage and room to encourage walking and climbing to these areas.

Climbing ropes and nets are excellent additions to any bird room design. Hang other toys from them to create a stimulating and entertaining play gym. Some of these advanced hanging exercise stations require a great deal of balance and dexterity to play and maneuver on.

Using an outdoor aviary to provide exercise opportunities is easier due to fewer space constraints and the flight design. Placement of ropes or nets and bouncing perch toys should take rain exposure into account, as they can harbor bacteria when wet. Dangling and hanging exercise toys and rope perches can be strung throughout the flight to create a challenging and stimulating environment full of exercise opportunities.

Perches and climbing toys placed in the shower or misting area should not hold moisture. Abaca rope or cotton perches are not recommended, while a shower perch or an acrylic or poly resin perch would be a better choice.

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