Hula Skirt, Enrichment Parrot Toy for Small to Medium Birds


Hula Skirt, Enrichment Parrot Toy for Small to Medium Birds

Item #: 81080 | UPC: 0-80605-81080-8

Preening and Exercise toys offer a fun way to expend energy and keep birds occupied and entertained with preening and play. These toys are exceptionally important to birds that are housed alone and can help deter feather damaging behaviours. The HARI Smart.Play Hula Skirt is will provide pet birds with hours of entertainment as they preen and chew the raffia grass and pinewood beads, it can also double as a swing perch when hung from both ends. It can be easily hung inside or outside of the cage with the included lead & zinc free, nickel plated quick links.

  • Features
    • Encourages preening
    • Relieves boredom and helps prevent feather plucking
    • Provides mental and physical stimulation
    • Helps relieve anxiety by providing entertainment
  • Specs
    Type of ToyExercise, Preening
    MaterialSisal, pinewood, cocona, raffia grass, vegetable dye, q-link (x2): d-shape 4cm (1.6″)
    Dimensions46 cm /18″ L
  • Recommended Bird Size
    Small & Medium
  • Warning: WARNING: Pet toys of any kind should be used under supervision. If you notice significant deterioration of this toy, or any bird toy, you should take it away from your pet. Ensure that the size of the toy is suitable for your bird. Do not allow your bird to ingest portions of this product. THIS TOY IS NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN.

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