Cross Sisal Perch, Enrichment Parrot Toy for Very Small to Small Birds


Cross Sisal Perch, Enrichment Parrot Toy for Very Small to Small Birds

Item #: 81046 | UPC: 0-80605-81046-4

Dangling, hanging, bouncing, and suspended perching & exercise toys alike challenge stability while building confidence. They stretch and strengthen limbs & help with developing strong pectoral muscles. The HARI Cross Sisal Perch provides birds with four connection points to create a variety of perching levels in or out of the cage! Made of good quality rope, the sisal perches are connected with a pinewood center and have four plastic threaded connections.

  • Features
    • For healthy feet
    • Expends excess calories
    • Helps to keep pet birds in top physical condition
    • Provides mental and physical stimulation
    • Helps relieve anxiety by providing entertainment
  • Specs
    Type of ToyExercise, Perching
    MaterialSisal/cotton, pinewood, plastic
    Dimensions60 cm / 23.6″ L, Rope Ø 6 cm / 2.4″, Thickness: 2cm (0.8″)
  • Recommended Bird Size
    Very Small & Small
  • Warning: WARNING: Pet toys of any kind should be used under supervision. If you notice significant deterioration of this toy, or any bird toy, you should take it away from your pet. Ensure that the size of the toy is suitable for your bird. Do not allow your bird to ingest portions of this product. THIS TOY IS NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN.

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