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HARI Sends Donation to Birds rescued from Illegal Traders

In a world of ongoing natural destruction and illegal traders, the plight of endangered parrot species survival faces more challenges Fortunately, there is the World Parrot Trust and in particular the Echo team that comes to the aid of parrots species in distress The HARI team and Rolf C Hagen Inc is happy to send support in the way

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First Aid: Pododermatitis What’s Normal?

Grooming And Health Assessment: How often do we really look at our bird’s physical appearance?
And what are we looking for?
What if you are unsure about something you’ve noticed on your bird? Do you call the veterinarian? You do if it’s critical!  These are questions that are easier to address with an understanding of what is normal and what is abnormal

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Avian First Aid: Mastering the Art of Towel Restraint

Practice Makes Perfect When It Comes to Towel Restraint
Learning to restrain a cockatiel at a Parrot Life Seminar
Mastering the art of safe and non invasive restraint techniques for your companion bird is essential for proper grooming and emergency first aid procedures One of the most primary lessons in our Parrot Life Seminars is a demonstration on proper towel restraint for

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Geophagia & Clay-Cal Bentonite Supplement

Do Our Companion Birds Need a “DETOX”?
With the captive lifestyle one would think no…after all, as avian caretakers, we offer great diet, optimal environment, protection from those poisonous plants and substances-a lifestyle very different from our birds’ wild counterparts So let’s look at this a little closer…
First the definition of Geophagia
The consumption of soil or clay for diet benefit In

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Factors Contributing to Raging Hormones in your Parrot?

Welcome back to a continuation of HARI  & Parrot Life series Versatile Living Quarters and Lifestyle for Your Parrot, a study of how this can benefit a long lasting relationship with your avian companion
Improvements in the past 20 years for the care of our feathered companions have been proven beneficial, but have we brought on a new era of

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Is your Parrot in Hormonal Overdrive?

So often we accept our bird’s spring like moods as part of sharing a life with a parrot And, in most cases, accept that our feathered companion can be aggressive with their cage, or even with certain members of the household The following series of articles, by HARI Manager and Parrot Life Magazine editor, Josee Bermingham, offers explanation and causes

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