Fully Flighted Lifestyle For Companion Parrots


This video presents an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of having your bird fully flighted within your home or bird safe room.

Considerations such as:

  • Teaching your bird flight skills, gradually building appropriate muscle and endurance as well as motor skills for safe flight
  • Misting sessions encourages flapping exercise that builds muscle and cardio, as well as preening
  • Mentoring foraging activities at an activity station can encourage your bird to fly back and forth from its day cage, encouraging flocking behavior
  • Harness training your bird for safe trips outdoors or indoor space that would not permit safe flight
  • Safety concerns such as wood stoves, toxic plants, boiling water, ect.
  • Hazards such as flying into windows, or out of open windows and doors
  • What to have on hand in case of accidental escape such as a photo, phone numbers, etc
  • Resourceful links: how to bird proof your house, harness training, Getting your bird back DVD