HARI Production & Quality Control Process – Foods


Strict quality control is of paramount importance to the success of HARI foods, with food safety as the number one priority. Testing for any bad bacteria, yeasts or molds on and in the manufacturing equipment and in the ingredients are vital steps taken before, during and after production.
A large on-site state-of-the-art laboratory, and a full-time team of five food science laboratory technicians constantly test the products, as well as all incoming raw materials (which arrive daily in various formats and quantities) for consistency and for any signs of product contamination.
Products are pulled every hour from the packaging machines to perform rigorous and thorough quality assurance tests to make sure that all products meet their strict product specs and meet all shelf-life requirements. An excellent track-and-trace product monitoring system, that extends right to the individual bag level, is also in place.

Food Safety: 3-step Quality Control Process
Before distribution, each batch of HARI product undergoes a strict and rigorous 3-step Quality Control process to ensure that consumers get safe, dependable and top quality bird food for their treasured feathered companions.

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