HARI Field Notes: Parrots and Exercise


Getting Started with Climbing Exercises

Start with simple exercise and agility challenges using a bouncing rope. Then move to the Canopy Net in the vertical position. Adding toys will encourage your bird to climb and move.

After a few sessions on the climbing rope net, don’t be surprised to find your feathered companion fully confident in mastering many activities!

When foraging toys and swings are used along with the climbing ropes, parrots and small birds will instinctively climb, forage and play. Once your bird masters movement on the rope canopy, broaden challenges to help build and maintain physical coordination ability.

Some climbing lessons may require more agility and strength . It’s essential to monitor, mentor, and assess the physical and psychological challenges that you encourage your feathered companion to engage in.

Always respect the individuals’ limitations to ensure new activities are not compromising health nor confidence!