Tropican Hand-Feeding Formula for Birds


Tropican Hand-Feeding Formula developed by HARI, is a micro-ground extruded multi-grain and peanut formula that provides optimal daily nutrition for hatchlings up to fledgling age.

Its high caloric density satisfies growing baby parrots. It’s packed with natural Omega and other fatty acids and is fortified with vitamins and minerals. It provides optimum nutrient density for gut motility.
With multiple sources of protein for impeccable feather growth. It contains optimal, balanced and safe levels of calcium & vitamin D for all psittacine species requirements.

It’s quick to prepare and does not clump. It’s easy to clean and does not stick to feathers. Use it for complimentary feedings throughout the weaning stages. And to provide optimal weight gain throughout their growth stages. It can also be fed as a supplement to finches, canaries, lories and other small species. Its flavourful recipe simplifies the transition to the next Tropican life cycle formula, Tropican High Performance morsels.