Safe Weighing Techniques for Your Pet Parrot


This video presents part 2 in the importance of weighing your companion parrot. In the video we discuss scales and weighing techniques used to weigh your bird safely and comfortably – topics include:

  • Weighing can help with the diet evaluation and nutritional assessment
  • Assimilation at HARI is easily assessed, as there are no enrichment foods such as sugary fruits as only the Tropican extruded diets are offered for ongoing research purposes
  • Weighing is best done in the morning after being removed from the night cage, before giving any enrichment foods
  • When to best feed enrichment foods
  • Teaching your bird to be weighed (birds can be encouraged to step up & step down) on a scale perch ideally throughout the early parrot education
  • Types of scales that can be used by companion parrot owners
  • Secure proper sized perch for the species being weighed
  • How to place your bird safely onto a scale
  • Options other than scale perch for birds that are unaccustomed to stepping on a scale such as anti-slippery mats directly on the scale platform or using a carrier
  • Desensitizing to towel restraint before placing on a scale if your bird does not tolerate being handled