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Avian Care

Throughout the Avian Care pages, avid parrot enthusiasts and the novice companion parrot caretakers alike will gain insight and recommendations on responsible parrot care , psittacine behaviour, parrot nutrition, safe idealistic cage and environment requirements, as well as trends and advancements in aviculture.

A large part of the this section includes the Early Parrot Education program.  As HARI baby parrots are distributed to retailers throughout Canada, the conscientious decision from the HARI Team was to do more than just wean and socialize a parrot chick before it left the HARI facility. It was felt that as a breeding facility, it was our role to teach these parrot fledglings to enjoy a versatile lifestyle and to pass that knowledge on to the caretaker.

Preparations for the young parrot’s life as a companion bird begins with a small window of opportunity – during the fledgling’s fastest growth and mental developmental stages. EPE encourages the fledglings’ caretakers to implement the training with structure and to record the acquired skills in the primary lessons report card, which becomes part of the fledgling’s permanent records. Examples of Primary Education Lessons include: preparations for traveling in a pet transporter, desensitization to interventions such as being groomed or examined by an avian health practitioner without stress, weaning onto an optimal diet, as well as the achievement of beneficial exercise and independent play with various levels of foraging and flight harness training.

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