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Feeding & Nutrition

The surest way to healthy, long life for your bird is feeding it a nutritionally sound diet. Many companion birds die at a young age from diseases caused by malnutrition. The average life-span of a companion parakeet is 10 years. Their wild cousins have been known to live 25 years. The difference is in their diets.

Feeding a balanced diet based on sound bird nutrition recommendations is key and an important factor contributing to proper avian health. Balancing a parrot’s diet from the beginning may prevent many health and behavioral problems. It is something you will want to do since an unbalanced diet can be a main cause of disease and early death in pet birds. With the right food, this can be prevented.

  • Tropican Bird Food Recommendations

    How much Tropican should your bird be eating? While the HARI Flock Members eat 100% Tropican, we recommend that most companion bird’s weekly Tropican consumption be at 70%... Read More
  • Parrots And Water

    What you need to know about parrots and water? Sounds simple, doesn't it? "Provide plenty of fresh water for drinking". Yet there is much more to water and your parrot's water needs than the obvious... Read More
  • Converting Diet to Pellet Food For Birds

    Birds that have been eating seed diets for years sometimes resist the introduction of pellets. Nevertheless, the importance of a good diet cannot be overemphasized, so persistence and patience are essential... Read More
  • Tropican Bird Food Diet Conversion Techniques

    Often caretakers offer too much variety in their bird’s diet and that not only contributes to improper nutrition, these mistakes can also make diet conversion to Tropican very challenging... Read More
  • Enrichment Foods and Tropican Consumption

    Healthy seed mixes, sprouted seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables, treat sticks, and millet sprays are all good choices to compliment most parrots enrichment diet ... Read More
  • Feeding Vegetables and Fruit with Tropican Food

    While fruits and vegetables are a natural part of any parrot’s enrichment diet, we do caution caretakers about using proper hygiene in produce preparations... Read More

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