“Seizing the Moment” with Parrot Fledglings?

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Thanks for sticking with us on the Weaning for Success featuring Quaker Chicks at HARI. We wanted to reiterate the importance of “seizing the moment” with these chicks at a fledgling age.

With the emergence of hand fed babies over the past three decades, the aviculturist or nursery caretaker has focused on nutritional and physical health only. Unfortunately, the lessons that would be considered behavior related or under the responsibility of the new caretaker come too late in the developmental potential of the young parrot chick. These lessons should be taught at this very limited, yet inquisitive stage that begins with the emergence of feathers.

To ensure parrot fledglings success as they transfer from the nest box to their life as a companion or pet, they must learn weaning, grooming, independence, plus other valuable lessons that will help them to be a companion parrot. It’s critical for their success.

Parrot Fledglings
The HARI Weaning for success philosophy in raising the Quakers is applied to all species of Psittacines raised for companion lifestyle at HARI.

Before we get to the next lesson, it might be helpful for the human caretaker to take a moment to view a foreshadowing of future lessons. Take a look at the Primary Lessons Check List used at HARI.

And, if you’re still not sure how critical this aspect of raising parrot fledglings is, we invite you to also check out the Episode #49 of Wing N Things at Pet Life Radio. HARI facility manager, Josee Bermingham, explains the Theory and Philosophy of HARI’s “Seizing the Moment” with Avian Enrichment Specialist, Robin Shewokis.

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