Tropican Diet Conversion Using Tropimix

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Convert your bird to pellets!

Use this tip when introducing pellets to your pet bird’s diet

For birds that are resistant to formulated diet, such as Tropican, try moistened Tropimix (one part Tropimix to equal part hot water). The hot water softens the fruit, corn, legumes, and most importantly, softens the Tropican morsels in the Tropimix. The softened Tropican coats your bird’s favorite seeds with the nutty Tropican flavor; therefore, the bird becomes better accustomed to the flavor. Since all of the nuts and seeds in Tropimix are already hulled, this can help break the bird’s habit of hulling seeds.

Be sure to remove moist food from your bird’s cage after one hour.

As your bird eats more of this mix, add a higher ratio of Tropican to Tropimix for ultimate nutrition!

Enrich your companion bird’s quality of life

By including Tropimix into your pet bird’s daily diet, you can ensure balanced nutrition while also promoting foraging behavior and mental stimulation.