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Exercise Toys for Birds

The health of your bird as well as its lifestage, confidence and experience should be taken into consideration prior to encouraging your parrot to exercise. Learn to observe your parrots’ exercise habits, endurance, level of physical activity, skill and interest in participating, as this can help assess health and well being.

Dangling, hanging, bouncing, and suspended animated toys, challenge stability while building confidence. They also boost cardio, increase dexterity, agility, and balance, stretch and strengthen the limbs helping to develops the pectoral muscle – ultimately expending excess calories.

Rustic Treasures Hand-Crafted and 100% Natural

All toys in the Rustic Treasure line are 100% natural, non-toxic and made by hand using environmentally friendly, sustainable raw materials.

  • Toys available in a range of size suitable for all hookbills
  • Encourages foraging and preening
  • Relieves boredom and feather plucking
  • Provides mental and physical stimulation
  • Helps relieve anxiety by providing entertainment
  • Socially responsibly produced

HARI Conservation LogoSocial responsibility working toward a better tomorrow

Conservation and social responsibility are important to us. Proudly, toys from the Rustic Treasures line are socially responsibly produced. Partnering with certified Fair Trade cooperatives – that help provide gainful employment for hundreds of families – means we are all doing our part by giving them an opportunity to improve their lives and plan for their future. Fair-trade offers consumers a powerful way to help reduce poverty through their every day shopping.

Rustic Treasures Exercise Toys – Photo Galleryrustic treasures raw materials

Many of the materials used in the making of these toys are part of a bird’s natural environment in the wild such as bamboo, oyster shells, abaca and palm leaves and coconut shells creating both stimulating and charming toys for parrots.

For the Health and Well Being of Your Bird

It is important to offer safe, quality toys to your bird as an outlet to encourage natural bird behaviors. The toys offered on this website have been carefully produced to encourage natural instincts to play and forage as well as an opportunity to satisfy a bird’s natural urge to preen and chew.

View HARI Approved Rustic Treasures Exercise Toys for Parrots

Choosing the Right Exercise Toys for Your Parrot

Exercise Toys for Parrots

Design, colors, textures will allure your parrots’ inquisitive nature. Combining stimulating activities such as misting & foraging along with the exercise toy (bouncing perch) will provide additional stimulation.

Without a doubt flying is the ultimate exercise, developing cardio endurance is extremely important, although it is not the only activity that can provide exercise. Should you have the opportunity to observe birds in the wild they also exercise a great deal while they are foraging, dangling from branch to branch, interacting with the flock, preening and socializing.

In captivity, the companion parrot that does not have the opportunity to live in a flight or environment that allows for flight, the caretaker must be creative in offering exercise-stimulating opportunities. The goal is to encourage wing flapping, climbing, flying from activity center or foraging tree to its day cage.
Caretakers often assume their birds are exercising because they spend most of their day perched on top of their cage like “perch potatoes”. Regrettably, that does not mean the bird is engaging in exercise or developing cardio endurance.

Place a Variety of Exercise Stimulating Toys in Your Birds’ Environment

  • In the cage – the day cage should be spacious enough to accommodate for a few interactive exercise-stimulating toys.
  • Out of the cage – while your bird is enjoying supervised time out of the cage, encourage exercise by placing bouncing climbing perches and toys that might require a little dexterity and ingenuity to reach.
  • Activity Center, Play Gym and Foraging Tree – designated exercise and activity stations will encourage your birds to fly back and forth from their day cage as they will be exploring their versatile environment (provided they are not fully flight feather groomed). Toys can be placed strategically around the cage to and from activity stations to encourage walking and climbing to these regardless of the flight potential.
  • Exercise perches and climbing toys placed in the shower or misting area should be made of a material that will not hold moisture. Abaca rope or cotton perches are not recommended, whereas acrylic or poly resin would be a better choice.
  • Climbing abaca rope nets are a great addition to any bird room design. Other toys can be hung from them to create a stimulating and entertaining play gym. It takes a great deal of balance and dexterity in order to play and maneuver on some of these more advanced hanging exercise stations.
  • Outdoor Flight – providing exercise opportunities outdoors should be easier due to less space constraint and flight design. Exposure to rain should influence the placement of the rope nets or the bouncing perches as these can harbor bacteria when wet. Dangling, hanging exercise toys and rope perches can be strung throughout the flight which is usually easier to create a challenging yet stimulating environment and exercise opportunities.

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