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Bird Toys

Parrot toys are not just for fun anymore! As avian care and knowledge progress so does the value in our parrot’s toys. They have come a long way over the years due to the growing need for keeping companion birds busy both mentally and physically. Bird toys can be designed to stimulate various potential activity or function, and so they are now categorized in different groups: foraging, foot, preening, exercise, beak grooming, and brain stimulation.

Introducing Rustic Treasures Bird Toys

All toys in the Rustic Treasures line are 100% natural, non-toxic and made by hand using environmentally friendly, sustainable raw materials. Many of the materials used in the making of these toys are part of a bird’s natural environment in the wild such as bamboo, palm leaves and coconut creating both stimulating and charming toys for parrots.

HARI Conservation LogoSocial responsibility working toward a better tomorrow

Conservation and social responsibility are important to us. Proudly, toys from the Rustic Treasures line, are socially responsibly produced. Partnering with certified Fair Trade cooperatives – that help provide gainful employment for hundreds of families – means we are all doing our part by giving them an opportunity to improve their lives and plan for their future. Fair-trade offers consumers a powerful way to help reduce poverty through their everyday shopping.

Rustic Treasures – Relieve Boredom & Prevent Feather Plucking

It is important to offer safe, quality toys to your bird as an outlet to encourage natural bird behaviors. The toys offered on this website have been carefully produced to encourage natural instincts to play and forage as well as an opportunity to satisfy a bird’s natural urge to preen and chew. In order to ensure our birds health and mental well being, they should not be cooped up in the cage, all day with nothing stimulating, or rewarding to engage in. There are a large selection of toys that can be used as occupational therapy devices (OTD).

  • Foraging Toys

    In the wild it’s estimated that parrots spend greater than 80 % of awaken hours foraging. Foraging toys turn a life sustaining skill, into a giant social gathering full of nourishment, play, strategy and exercise.

  • Foot Toys

    Foot toys are a great addition to any bird toy collection. Foot toys are great way to peak curiosity, entertaining your bird all while developing balance, dexterity and strength. A foot toy box can be introduced in your bird’s day cage.

  • Preening Toys

    Preening is an important part of your parrot’s daily rituals. It is exceptionally important to birds that are housed alone. Bird safe materials that engage the birds’ instinctive preening behaviours should be offered in a variety of sizes, textures and colours.

  • Exercise Toys

    Dangling, hanging, bouncing, suspended animated toys challenge stability while building confidence, boosting cardio, increasing dexterity, agility, balance, stretching of the limbs, strength, develop pectoral muscle and ultimately expend calories!

  • Beak Grooming

    Hooked bills need to have opportunities to naturally groom their beaks on safe yet abrasive or wearing materials found in their environment. Softer beak grooming materials such as coconut fiber will entice your parrot to gradually develop skills to chew on harder materials.

  • Brain Stimulating

    There are an elaborate array of sturdy brain stimulating toys for your parrot. Many combine foraging and exercise activities. Brain stimulating toys can challenge the birds cognitive intelligence and require communications skills while others may challenge the ingenuity and dexterity.

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