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Bird Toys

Introducing HARI SMART.PLAY…

A line of enrichment parrot toys specifically intended for functional play. Parrot toys are not just for fun! As avian care and knowledge progress so does the value in our parrot’s toys. They have come a long way over the years due to the growing need for keeping companion birds busy both mentally and physically.  HARI SMART.PLAY bird toys promote exercise and foraging, as well as an opportunity to satisfy a bird’s natural urge to preen and chew. These toys not only keep parrots entertained, but further develop essential skills that can help reduce anxiety and unwanted behaviours, such as feather plucking. Full of different colours and textures, these toys offer the stimulation parrots need.

For the health and well-being of your bird

It is important to offer safe, quality toys to your bird as an outlet to encourage natural bird behaviours. The toys offered on this website have been carefully produced to encourage natural instincts to play and forage as well as an opportunity to satisfy a bird’s natural urge to preen and chew. In order to ensure our birds’ health and mental well being, they should not be cooped up in the cage all day with nothing stimulating or rewarding to engage in. 

There is a large selection of toys that can be used as occupational therapy devices (OTD). HARI SMART.PLAY bird toys were be designed to stimulate various activities or functions, they are categorized into different groups: foraging, foot & audio, preening, exercise, and perching.

  • Foraging Toys

    Promote mental and physical stimulation and relieve anxiety by providing entertainment.

    In the wild, 80% of a bird’s waking hours are spent foraging and it is an essential form of enrichment, exercise, and social interaction. Companion parrots will stay interested much longer when enrichment foods such as extruded food morsels or small nuts & seeds are hidden within the toy.

  • Foot & Audio Toys

    Relieve anxiety by providing entertainment

    Foot & Audio Enrichment toys are a great addition to any bird toy collection and are great way to pique curiosity and entertain birds all while developing balance, dexterity and strength.

  • Preening Toys

    Relieve boredom, promote mental and physical stimulation, and help prevent feather plucking

    Preening is an important part of a parrot’s daily routine. Preening toys are exceptionally important to birds that are housed alone and can help deter feather damaging behaviours. Extruded granules/sticks can be embedded within some preening toys to offer a combination of preening with foraging activity. This may appeal to a parrot that has less experience with preening; helping to encourage essential grooming.

  • Exercise & Perching Toys

    Relieve anxiety, promote mental and physical stimulation, and provide entertainment

    Dangling, hanging, bouncing, with suspended exercise and perching toys alike challenge stability while building confidence. They boost cardio, increase dexterity, agility, and balance while-stretching and strengthening limbs to help develop strong pectoral muscles and expend calories, keeping pet birds in top physical condition.

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