Comfy Wrap

Multi-purpose Self-Adherent Elastic Bandage Wrap, Small

Comfy Wrap

Multi-purpose Self-Adherent Elastic Bandage Wrap, Small

Item #: 81651 | UPC: 0-80605-81651-0

So versatile, use HARI Comfy Wrap to cover play-stands and gyms, perches, PVC tubes, cage bars and other perching surfaces for a secure, comfortable grip. Birds love the cushiony soft fabric! Also use to stabilize fractures and for wound care.

  • Features
    • For healthy feet
    • Soft, dependable hold that provides support and protection
    • Easily wraps and adheres around difficult curves
    • Wrap sticks to itself (but not to feathers) for support that stays put
    • Made of water resistant, lightweight, flexible, nonwoven material
    • 4 rolls per pack
  • Specs
    Length4.5 m / 5 yards
    Width5 cm / 2″
    ColourMulti-colour 4 pack Navy Blue, Forest Green, Coffee Brown, Peacock Blue
  • Recommended Bird Species
    For all birds and other pets
  • Recommended Bird Size
    All sizes
  • Warning: Contains latex Pet accessories of any kind should be used under supervision. Pets should be monitored closely to ensure they do not ingest portions of this product. Comfy Wrap bandages should not be used over an open wound. Clean and dress any wound before applying any type of wrap, splint, or other support. Serious wounds need veterinary attention. Do not wrap too tightly. A bandage that is too tight can cut off circulation completely. NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN.

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    Also Available

    Comfy Wrap

    Multi-Purpose Self-Adherent Elastic Bandage Wrap can serve as a valuable first aid tool in preventing bumblefoot (pododermatitis) and maintaining healthy feet in parrots. By covering rough or uneven perches, you can ensure that your bird’s feet remain protected and free from harm.

    For Healthy Feet

    In addition to being useful for treating injuries, Comfy Wrap can also be used to prevent foot problems in parrots, such as bumblefoot (pododermatitis). Bumblefoot is a bacterial infection that affects the feet of caged birds, including parrots. The condition causes inflammation, pain, and difficulty perching, leading to further complications if left untreated.

    Preventing Bumblefoot

    One way to prevent bumblefoot is by ensuring that your parrot has access to appropriate perch sizes and materials. Perches that are too narrow or made from rough surfaces can cause pressure points and cuts on the feet, creating entry points for bacteria. Comfy Wrap can be used to create custom-fit perch covers that protect your parrot’s feet from these hazards.

    Wrapping Techniques

    To make a Comfy Wrap perch cover, start by measuring the diameter of the perch and cutting a piece of Comfy Wrap that is twice as long as the circumference. Wrap one end of the wrap tightly around the perch, leaving enough slack to overlap the other end by a few inches. Then, wrap the second end around the perch, overlapping the first end and pressing down firmly to adhere the two pieces together. The resulting perch cover will provide a smooth, cushioned surface for your parrot to stand on, reducing the likelihood of foot damage. You can even add texture to the cover by weaving strips of paper towel or toilet paper through the layers of Comfy Wrap before applying it to the perch. This added layer of protection can help keep your parrot’s feet healthy and happy.

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