Recipes for Birds

  • Quick ‘n Easy Tropimix and Veggies

    In a Hurry… Don’t Skip on Your Bird’s Enrichment Diet! Here’s a quick tried and true recipe for the caretaker on the go! Ingredients one...

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  • Tropican Diet Conversion Using Tropimix

    Convert your bird to pellets! Use this tip when introducing pellets to your pet bird’s diet For birds that are resistant to formulated diet, such...

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  • Simple and Nutritious Rice and Tropimix

    Can parrots eat rice? Quite simply yes, when it’s cooked up just right! Delicious on its own or served up with a tasty helping of...

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  • Foraging Peanut Butter and Tropimix Pine Cones

    Birds love foraging and food! No better way to offer it up than in a pine cone! It can be one of the messiest bird-treat...

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  • Tropimix Peanut Butter Banana Cone

    Nothing better than a peanut butter “ice-cream” cone! Or skip the crunch-cut a pepper in half and scoop in mixture to make an edible serving bowl that’s loaded with vitamin A!...

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  • Tropimix Cornbread

    Birds love cornbread. What better way to serve some up some cornbread for birds than with a healthy serving of Tropimix baked right in?...

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